I was just 9 when I saved up from doing chores to buy my very first camera, an old-school SLR. The shots I took back then were… let’s say, a starting point. But hey, I’ve definitely leveled up since those days. Now, I’ve channeled my love for photography into capturing weddings, diving into creative shots while grabbing those quick, special moments. It’s pretty awesome to be the one saving your big day memories for the future. When it comes to your wedding, I’m all about keeping things smooth and stress-free.


Got questions before the big day? I’m here for you. When the day arrives, I’m all about going with the flow, knowing when to jump in and when to hang back. I love to keep things fun because it makes the whole experience more enjoyable for everyone and helps me capture those real, heartwarming shots.


Here are some fun tidbits about me:

– I’m a Toronto native who grew up in the countryside.

– At 12, I managed to break my finger by falling off a wheelbarrow. 🙁

– Despite being a terrible dancer, dancing is my favourite part of weddings!

– I’m an endurance enthusiast, having completed 3 marathons and 2 Ironman races.

– My breakfast game is strong and surprisingly consistent: I’ve started my day with the same healthy pancake recipe for about 5 years now (wondering when I’ll get bored of it!).

– Fate had me meet my fiancé while we were both rock climbing—an adventurous start to our journey together!