How do we book you?+

Head on over to my Contact page and shoot me a message. I’ll get back to you shortly letting you know if we’re available for your date.

How long until we get our photos?+

Our standard delivery time is within 4 weeks. Rush delivery is possible too for an extra small fee. Please inquire.

What happens if you get injured or sick on our day?+

I’ve never missed a wedding and plan to keep it that way! Even when I fractured my collarbone in 2023, I brought an assistant to help make sure we didn’t miss a shot. I have a network of professional photographers I know, so I’d arrange for another photographer to help out if absolutely couldn’t make it.

Do you travel for weddings? If so, how far do you go?+

Of course! I love travelling. For destination weddings, let’s talk about the specifics, and I’ll put together a customized quote. For weddings less than 1 hour from Kitchener: Travel is included for each package. For weddings between 1-3 hours from Kitchener: Travel beyond 2 hours is $100/hr. For weddings more than 3 hours from Kitchener: I just ask that you include a hotel room for the night after the wedding and for travel expenses past 2 hours (at $100/hr).

What if we’re not very comfortable in front of the camera?+

This is why I’m the right choice for you! I excel at creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for everyone. I’ll guide you through the poses—where to stand, how to look, where to place your hands—and I promise my terrible jokes will make it impossible for you not to look natural and at ease.

What style of photography do you do?+

I’d classify myself primarily as a documentary-style photographer. You need to have that style to get great candids, and to make sure you don’t miss a single moment. However, this doesn’t apply to all shots. Family photos and some couple photos will be more posed.

Do you use natural light or artificial light?+

I typically use both natural and artificial lighting to achieve the best results depending on what I’m shooting. While many photos thrive under natural light, certain situations or shots demand an additional light source to photograph well, such as the dance floor or nighttime photos. Opting for a photographer who is adept with both lighting techniques is always a smart choice!